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seal mink sphynx

  1. @kingkenzobare_


  2. Stud


  3. Up Up & Away

    Up Up & Away

  4. Exploring the upper levels

    Exploring the upper levels

  5. Hit them with the Smolder

    Hit them with the Smolder

  6. The Devil Wears Nada

    The Devil Wears Nada

  7. Serial Chiller 2

    Serial Chiller 2

  8. LOVE Kenzo’s portrait pillow!!! @memoria.viva

    LOVE Kenzo’s portrait pillow!!! @memoria.viva

    Custom pillow from reclaimed fabrics and vintage doilies.
  9. Sun bathing

    Sun bathing

  10. Halloween 2018

    Halloween 2018

  11. @kingkenzobare_


    Kenzo finally getting used to having a camera in his face 24/7 lol. Poor babes!
  12. @kingkenzobare_


    He looks like a laughing hyena lol.
  13. @kingkenzobare_


    Snuggles with Boogie. Such good boys!
  14. @kingkenzobare_


  15. @kingkenzobare_


    Kenzo decided he wanted to try out elf life this morning.
  16. @kingkenzobare_


  17. Monica

    CFA & TICA Show Sphynx

    Hola!! Who here has experience showing their sphynx? :D I'm interested in possibly showing my Kenzo Bare in the kitten division once I get him. My breeder favors him and one other male in her current litters. I'd like to get in touch with some Lairians who have show experience and pick...