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  1. AshleyJeffcote

    Praying and hoping to adopt or rehome!

    Hello Everyone! I’m new here, and what brought me here is my huge love for Sphynx’s. I have been looking for one boy or girl to welcome to their forever home. They are quite expensive so if anyone can help me, I’d be so thankful. Or if anyone knows who needs a new home, please contact me. Thank...
  2. M

    Seeking in Northern Louisiana, can travel

    Hello! My name is Chris and I’m looking to home a sphynx. I live in a spacious townhome with my partner. We have no other pets so I thought homing a special needs cat would be a viable option. We are both male so if any cat is sensitive to such issues we might be a good pick! I currently live...
  3. Pattieshmayo

    Looking to adopt

    Hi there I’ve been searching for a sphynx cat to adopt for years as I have allergies and am allergic to normal cats with fur I’m looking for a cat to kind of be a support animal as I don’t have anyone else in this world and I can’t find a reliable breeder they have all fallen through and I’ve...