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    bouncer André not quite but he feels safer in his shirt
  2. Maddie

    Flight Time ✈️️ taking my sphynx on a plane

    Hi! Thought I'd post my first flight experience with Astrid for others to reference. This will be the first of many flights so I will keep updating if need be. If you have any questions just ask. :) So let's break this down: Carrier: SHERPA original deluxe carrier Why This Company: They have...
  3. L

    What does everyone do for collars?

    Or do you do them at all? I REALLY want to get Akhenaten used to wearing one while he's small, and he has one flippin adorable one that's just... Perfect. It's just an added security since he is not an outdoor cat, if he should ever dart out (my heart races just to think of it!) at least he'll...