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skin bumps

  1. Yana and Osiris

    Expired Vetericyn. Should I buy a new one?

    Hello pawfam! Today I found a small hole under Osi's chin, i'm not sure what it is, looks like a scratched off pimple. So it was a bit bleeding and I wanted to disinfect it (as the hole looks pretty deep). But I bought vetericyn last year when we brought Osi to our household, and it expires this...
  2. D

    Dobby got skin problems! Allergic reaction?

    Hey guys my lil Dobby has today come up in a rash, no change in food over the last few days or litter etc and I’m not sure what else to think of, he’s booked in at the vets in two weeks for a check up anyways as that’s the soonest appointment but I’m wondering if you think you know what this...
  3. loells

    Skin Bumps?? Advice please

    Hello, my Sphynx baby Fig (6 month old) has just suddenly come up with little bumps on her body (photo attached). We feed her a raw diet recommended by our reputable breeder with no issues in the past, we recently had to change the mince used because it went out of stock for a week, could this...
  4. Bcnlm

    Rapid onset skin issue in 2yo, help??

    I came home from work and noticed my cat has a worrying irritation on her chest that was not there when I left this morning. Details - no new diet changes, no defecation changes, no eating habit changes, no behavioral changes, no litter changes. She has been with me with no issue for 4 months...
  5. IMG_5682.jpeg


  6. Socky

    Help! White cluster bumps on my cat?

    Im sort of freaking out for my cat!! He’s a rescue and we’re trying our best as we’ve never owned a sphinx but lots of experience with cats. It’s on both of his front legs. Right is bigger than left. I’m fearful for ringworm or soemthing that could be transmitted to humans but it doesn’t look...
  7. J

    Dark Grey Sphynx (my baby named August) has a skin condition - we need help!

    Hi everyone, I am hoping someone in the Sphynx community has seen this skin condition before and can help. My little baby boy August (9 months) has had this issue for a few months and I can't seem to solve the problem. It looks like little white bubbles on his grey skin, almost like tiny...
  8. gypsygirl88

    Hi! Questions

    hello this is my first post. I have a 5 year old girl and she has a small mass on her lower lip. I’ve taken her to the vet multiple times and nothing has really helped. I was wondering if anyone has any experience or has seen this. Thank you.
  9. N

    Anyone have any ideas what this might be?

    Hey guys! Brand new here. We got our little Sphynx Nyro around 3 months ago (she is now 6mo old) from a breeder. I think I might have misunderstood her but she told us to treat her for fleas and worms after 3 months. Now it turns out she only meant it to be for fleas, with worms having needed to...
  10. K

    Sphynx Cat Tail Rash

    Hello Friends, Has anyone dealt with this type of rash on their babies tail? I am using a special shampoo from the vet (can't remember the name) it doesn't seem to be helping. Please let me know if anyone knows what might be causing this or what it is? It's on my kitten who is about 6 months...
  11. HenriqueToss

    Skin problem Sphynx

    Hello, my nome is Henrique and i'm from brazil, so, sorry for my english. We have a female sphynx with a several skin problem. Vet did a biopsy and nothing pointed. We used corticosteroid, virbac cortavance, virbac hexadene ins shower, virbac allermyl, royal canin hypoallergenic for cats and the...
  12. Almond

    Need help determining what’s wrong with my baby’s skin

    Hi sphynx fam! It’s been a while since I’ve been here but I’m so grateful to have this community and resource! Almond has recently developed these dots that scab over, almost like insect bites or something but this is very new and has never happened in the 7 years he’s been with me. I went...
  13. BBcream

    Help. Scaly white pink skin?

    I noticed a bump under his skin, then red spots which I chalked up to him and his brother playing roughly. Now they have a white scabby layer on them. Anyone know what this is or how to fix it?thank you!!
  14. Jasmk2

    Help! Skin condition/ allergy

    Hello everyone. I'm at a complete loss... I'll try to explain as well as I can and add some photos. My 3 year old girl, Ocean, has never had any issues with her skin since I've had her. She was on a raw diet which she really thrived off, gained a bit of weight and looking very healthy as she...
  15. Kotonok

    Behavior Change Due to Health Problems?

    Hello all my cool Feline lovers! I was hoping for some advice. So doing some digging on here I realized Migi’s (the cat in question) bumps could be due to some allergies which is tricky to pin down. So far they only really appear on his front paws/ on one side on the ear opening like in the...
  16. K

    Red, inflamed bumps - OUCH! Help…

    Hey, Sphynxlair Community - Our sweet kitty has a gnarly break-out of large, red, incomfy bumps on her head. It started with about 1-2 bumps and right when we throught they were going away more popped up!! She has eaten the same freeze-dried duck morsels by Stella & Chewy since we got her...
  17. S

    Sunburn excessive skin damage

    My little one was exposed to sun for several hours during a period of 15 days. (They let the cat to be outside in the garden with no protection). Now, his skin is all covered with sores. Has this happened to anyone? I don't know what to do to heal his skin and make it all smooth again.He does...
  18. Eveenas

    Red/white bumps all over my kitten

    Hi everyone I purchased a kitten 2-3 weeks ago off a lady, 1 week in he started to develop a rash, it was on his neck, head and ears These were big pimple looking red bumps, I went to the vet 4 days ago and they told me it was due to dry skin, I have been applying coconut oil to his skin and the...
  19. bakmiauw

    Dark Spots on Sphynx Cat Please Help!

    Hi everyone, ive just recently joined and this is my very first post. I have a 6 months old Sphynx who has just recently started getting these dark spots on her skin and it doesn’t seem to go away. Ive consulted a vet and since they dont know much abt the breed they just decided to try and see...
  20. H

    yeast/ringworm/fleas help

    hello! i have 2 naked cats and have had them for 4/2 years and never had any health problems or needed to bring them to vet besides first vaccines years ago. I recently adopted a stray kitten who of course had fleas!!! :( which i wasn’t educated on bc my cats never had before. next thing u kno...
  21. Remy

    White spots around neck???

    Hi all, Any help would be much appreciated! My lovely boy Remy has come up with a lot of white spots around the sides and back of his neck and a few onto his front arms... I think it may be feline acne as he has always had a few blackheads on his chin but he absolutely hates to be washed so...
  22. SphynxesFour

    Serious skin issues.

    Hey tribe, My poor baby has some horrible skin problems. She gets an awful rash under her tummy, groin and pit areas. I have tried diet and litter. We have an air filter and water filter. I can’t seem to get rid of it. The only time she is rash free is when she is on steroid tablets but she’s...
  23. A

    Raw Skin/ Irritation / Ringworm/ UP?

    Noticed a little rash on my little guy a couple days ago and it’s getting better but isn’t healed yet. I’ve noticed it one time before. My other sphynx does not have any skin issues so I’m thinking it’s not ringworm, they constantly cuddle and sleep together. Pickles my big guy thats fine does...
  24. Cassiopeia

    Skin problems

    Hello, I'm a newbie to this forum, but I'd like to ask for help. My three year old Donskoy Sphynx is having a skin problem. She's had something similar before, but we've always went to the vet, got some ointment for it and it went away. This time is much different. The rash is red, sometimes...
  25. L

    Skin mark

    my kitten is 13 weeks old, he went to the vets yesterday to have his first injection and microchip. They manage to give him his first injection however was unsuccessful on the microchip due to his size. They said they could see no health issues. Today He has this mark on his side, he doesn’t...