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#skin color changing and fading

  1. Rihmeek604

    Thigh and Belly Discolouration

    Hello, I'm new here and looking for help for Rihmeek (8 months). I've read a few threads about discolouration around the bum but I haven't seen any posts about the thighs and belly. Our vet thinks he's allergic to beef and fish, we've taken him off that and were giving him Stella & Chewie's...
  2. Kiapi

    Fading colours

    Hi, My Sphynx has a dark grey patch on his head, however, i noticed recently that the color is fading away. Wonder whether this happened to other sphynx. Since the vets are currently doing test to check whether it has leukemia (as one options due to irregular blood test) i was wondering if...