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skin color

  1. L

    Help my baby’s skin problem

  2. Rihmeek604

    Thigh and Belly Discolouration

    Hello, I'm new here and looking for help for Rihmeek (8 months). I've read a few threads about discolouration around the bum but I haven't seen any posts about the thighs and belly. Our vet thinks he's allergic to beef and fish, we've taken him off that and were giving him Stella & Chewie's...
  3. M

    Mystery Spots!!

    Disclaimer: I'm a pre-med so "too many details" may follow. Hi everyone! I've been tracking a skin problem with my ~4 year old Sphynx. But I haven't found a single spot that looks like hers anywhere online so I'm happy to hopefully contribute informative info once we get this solved. I haven't...
  4. Zephyrzhn

    Guys, Need some help here

    hey,guys, anyone knows what happened to this little poor thing? He is two months old. PS, the skin looks so weird like bold, but it wasnt like this
  5. CatLadyForLife

    What are these spots on my kitten?

    Meow! My new sphynx kitten has developed these dark brownish spots mainly along her sides. I’ve bathed her repeatedly and tried scrubbing with various soaps including hypoallergenic cat shampoo, and tried coconut oil today & some natural grease lifting dish detergent, to no avail. What does...
  6. A

    Depigmentation? Vitiligo? Or nothing to worry about

    Hi everyone, can you look at this female kitten forehead. She is a03 21 but this pigment or rather depigmentation appeared on her head at age of 5 months. It looks different than her other body markings. Is it vitiligo? It's only on the head. Tia!