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skin rash

  1. Kristielllen

    Skin issues

    My cat,Igor, has had this weird rash along his spine since the day we picked him up. It started off as a small spot with red around it, and has gradually gotten worse. The vet has absolutely no idea what’s wrong, but I don’t think she is very familiar with sphynx cats to begin with. Has anybody...
  2. kellymew

    Skin bumps/rash

    Hi everyone long time reader, first time poster. I've had Mew for 4 months now, and in the last couple he's developed a bumpy rash. It used to be all over his body too. We took him to the vet who thought he was pretty yeasty, gave him an anti-inflammatory shot and some cream. We also thought...
  3. R

    Yeast Spots?

    Hello. New to site. My kitten developed red spots that looked like ringworm. Vet wasn't sure if that or staph infection. He has been treated with clavamox orally for 10 days & bathing with blue Dawn dish soap then applying an antifungal cream for almost 3 weeks. The spots have turned brown but...
  4. BusterTheCat

    Recurring Skin Rash (Possible Allergies)

    Hello. So Buster has always had very good skin and never experienced any allergies. Earlier this month, we brought Buster to the vet because he had bad breath. Two days later, I noticed this rash on his body: I was concerned it may have been because I was using the heated blanket that night...
  5. Cberube

    My cats skin

    Hello, My boy sphynxs skin has been bumpy and raw looking. I rehomed him and I've had him for about a month the previous lady used dawn dish soap for his baths. I have given him two baths with dawn and switched to baby Magic Johnson soap. Now by his ear is super raw and bumpy looking. When I...