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  1. D

    Bumps on skin

    My baby had one big ashy looking thing and now has lots of little bumps, please help!
  2. Ginalmarie

    Sphynx Kitten Skin Issues

    Hi all! My name is Gina, and I have a 5 month old Sphynx kitten named Bagheera. He's a very energetic, playful, and loving kitten. He's had all of his shots, and is set to be neutered in the upcoming month. I have had no concerns about his health until this previous week. I noticed red bumps...
  3. V

    Can i clean skin with babywipes?

    Ok so my baby needs to stay put about a month because he had back surgery... My question is what can i clean his skin with? Cause i cant give him a bath and he is really filthy already and smells like urine because he pisses himself... Is a non scented baby wipe ok to wash his skin? or what else?
  4. Susanhughes

    Does this look viral to you?

    i just got my cat and this happened. I would say an allergy because he is expired to a lot of new things but I don't see hives.
  5. Susanhughes

    Help! Not sure what this is

    My Sphynx just developed his rash on his belly. Any ideas? I thought maybe ring worm?? Or a viral thing? Lots of new stuff so could be an allergy but it doesn't look like hives.
  6. Joierenee

    Peterbald and Skin Allergies

    I recently adopted a pedigree peterbald from the shelter where it was very dirty. They said her legs are lumpy with these little white head lumps but that's how she always will be. I believed them and took her home. When I took her to the vet, he told me he had two Sphinx cats at home and had...
  7. Ortie and Kheru

    Tummy and Tail Troubles

    Hello everyone! My Ortensia is a 3 y.o. female (spayed) sphynx beauty who has had a couple issues that I have been battling since I've had her (at 14 weeks). Problem #1: Ortie has chronic loose stools. When I first got her as a kitten, I put her on grain free blue buffalo kitten food and she...
  8. millie jane

    skin irritation after swapping laundry detergents!!!

    hi guys! i am new here and got bernie over a month ago, he's already given me so much joy! he has recently broken out in a rash, after i have cleaned his jumpers in a new laundry detergent. he's not very phased by his rash and we keep a jumper (which hasnt been cleaned in the same detergent) on...
  9. BusterTheCat


    Hello. Dunkin has some kind of marks going down his back that I noticed tonight. I'm not sure if they are scratches because the skin isn't cut at all, they are just like raised red lines. It worries me that it's going down his whole back. We do have two other cats but I don't think they would...
  10. Kawiipops

    Light marks appearing on sphynx's skin

    Hi, I'm new to owning a Sphynx. Our boy Woody is 6 months old, and lately we have noticed small light marks are appearing on his legs and side of body. Does anyone have any ideas what they may be? Thanks in advance.
  11. Arichelic

    Tail tip issue?

    Hey all, just another question from this new sphynx momma. Virokketh has this weird bump on the end of his tail. When we first got him it looked like either a pimple or that the end of the last tail bone was poking through the skin (not bloody, just very pale in color). It's been a few weeks...
  12. Luvmisphynx

    HELP! Odd skin rash or bump

    We just just got our sphynx kitten last week. When we got her she had a scab on her back that has gotten bigger and is dry, hard and scaly to touch. It seems to be getting bigger. I brought her to the vet and he was not sure what it was. There is only one but it is the weirdest spot. I have...
  13. Liliana Marques

    My sphynx has rashes, please help! :(

    Hi! My boy Tobias has rashes every now and then. They come and go and are very intensive for about one hour. The doctors have not figured out what it could be and we can´t seem to associate the rashes to the food he eats. He has had 2 shots of cortisone which help, however it is only temporary...
  14. Hairless Blessing

    Very interesting

    A lot of help with cat issues, acne, skin all natural. Cat Acne and Skin Conditions: Natural Remedies!
  15. Lana Dove

    Face Scabby

    Armani, my 8 years old male sphynx cat started to show face scabs and it lasts few days until the scab falls off. I have been trying to figure out for months by removing one blanket, one cat post, changed water bowl, etc and still he gets face scabs on and off every 2-3 months. I desperate need...
  16. bisingular

    Skin Condition - small hard bumps

    Hey guys, I have another skin condition. Cynder has tiny hard bumps going from the top of her head all the way down her shoulders and onto her back. They're white for the most part (they turn pink if she or we scratch them, and can get a but scabby). They don't bother her and don't seem to be...
  17. Amy31


    hey guys, any clue on this and the best way to treat it? I think it's a Boyle but has a slight yellow head also, I've pressed a warm flannel into it and he wasn't to happy, moved his head when I tried and I wasn't pressing hard so I think it's abit sore!! Tia
  18. treefoil

    red bumps :-/

    Hey there, I might need your opinion on Tildas skin issues. (I read the skin-tutorial ;-P) I think it might be an allergy, but i cant find the connection in our daily habits. These spots came during the last year, and i didnt get it tested yet. shes not touchy on these spots, but I think shes...
  19. A

    Rough skin kitten

    hi I'm looking for a little advice I have just got a little Sphynx kitten and his skin has a rough like texture all over as if he's been licked with a really rough tongue! It's not flaking or red or anything just rough like sand paper, my first sphynx skin has always been baby smooth so im just...
  20. bisingular

    Rash on head and neck

    Hello everyone, I’m a fairly new sphynx owner, but not a new cat owner. In about the last week my 10mo sphynx Cynder has developed a rash on the top of her head and back of her neck. It’s tiny bumps that are her skin colour and sometimes pink. There are some on her head that are a bit scabby...
  21. CharmCat

    Scabs and red, bumpy skin

    So I'm noticing that my girl Charmayne has scabs around her neck, probably from scratching, and little pinkish bumps as well. I keep her nails trimmed and she had a scratching post which she uses daily so I'm thinking the scratching is not the occasional scratch. Then I also noticed more bumps...
  22. Elaina

    New mole

    I've noticed my little one has got a mole on her ear? It's very new don't remember seeing it two weeks ago.. I guess the worry stems from her being exposed to the sun, she loves it and unless I move her she would bask all day.. I've attached a picture, will you guys please let me know what you...
  23. Laucol

    Raised mark on skin

    Hi everyone, On Wednesday, I noticed a small orangy mark on Ila's skin. It was just a small mark. Ive been monitoring it daily. Two days ago, it looked like a piece of dry skin came off the center of the mark, so I thought maybe it was just a patch of dry skin. Then today, I notice that the...
  24. A

    Skin problem help!!!

    my beautiful little sphynx Albert has developed a strange mark on his back today and I'm very worried. As I cannot find any similar cases or get any idea what it could be! Can anyone help?!?! I have attached a few images below! Albert is 8 months old he has had all his vaccinations, His...
  25. Pauliina

    Yeast infection and Malaseb?

    Hello! I'm new to this community (and not an native English speaker so pardon my language mistakes). I have really bad skin problems with my kitty. This is my third sphynx but I've never seen anything like this before. The problem was there right away I guess. The baby was shaking his legs...