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  1. A

    Dark spots growing and traveling up..

    Hello everyone! I posted not too long ago regarding some dark patchy spots that appeared on my little boy Klaus about two weeks ago after using coconut oil and have not applied it to him since. I am bathing with johnson baby wash & tropiclean hypoallergenic and the spots do not come off and...
  2. A

    Dark flaky/patchy looking areas a few days after bath and coconut oil.

    Hi everyone! I am new to this website! I adopted a baby boy sphynx who is almost 5 months old, his name is Klaus. He is truly the apple of my eye and I love him so much. After his first bath last Saturday, his skin seemed to become dry as he is not oily in the first place however, I wanted to...
  3. NewMama

    Fungus, ringworm, or what?!

    I can't find my Post from several days ago. I'm a new sphynx mama to Pharoah. He is about 4 years old. I emailed a breeder asking what is going on with his coat and she said ringworm. I have three Young children and no money for a vet. All input appreciated tremendously, and thanks you to the...
  4. BusterTheCat

    Tiny Dots

    I just gave Buster a bath and noticed these tiny dots on his chest/neck. They aren't red or discolored and they don't seem to bother him but I haven't noticed them before. They could be nothing but I wanted to ask just to be sure. They are hard to see but if you look carefully you can see the...
  5. Kirsty

    Help! My sphynx has 'scars' all over but I think they're something else!

    I bought a kitten. I now believe from someone who I shouldn't. I noticed scars on the way home but hadn't noticed them in the house. Some were round so assumed ring worm scars and started asking some questions. Vet doesn't have a clue what they are and I'm now led to believe by a few breeders...
  6. celesteandbrina

    Lil skin bump

    Hey guys This could be a silly question haha but I found a little bump on Sabrina. Not sure what it is. Could it be a bug bite or pimple? Its not red or anything. It seems to not bother her, just wondering. I will attach a pic. Thoughts and tips appreciated
  7. jasmyn

    Help!!! Skin issues!

    The one on his neck showed up about 3 days ago, i have been putting Neosporin on it and i have no idea what it is! It is slightly raised. He also has what appears to be a rash on his nose as well. Anybody have any options/ideas/advice?? My vet is out of town for awhile and there are no others in...
  8. jasmyn

    Anyone seen this skin issue before?

    It doesn't come off with washing so its not dirt. He doesn't scratch and he has had it for some time now. Anybody seen something like this before??
  9. ElinOline

    Yeast and bacterial infection

    Hey! As I miss seeing pictures of different skin issues, or I am very bad at searching when I'm curious about something. I just want to share this picture with you of Mika. We brought her to the vet today as she had developed a miscouloring or rash on her chin. The vet took a skinsample and...
  10. K

    Skin Condition on my cat

    Hi all One of my Sphynx cats has develop a skin condition. He is 11 years old. I have had him at the vet for numerous tests from Cancer Scans to Skin Biopsies. The cancer scans were negative and the skin biopsies did not reveal anything. Both my cats are indoor cats and do not go outside. Does...
  11. anoirb

    Overall help needed with bath regimen!

    I've noticed with one of my babies that the day after I bathe him, he gets really really dry skin. I've tried several different shampoos and they all seem to break him out or give him super dry, flaky skin. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem and has any tips on how to clear it up...
  12. Jayne89

    Flaking skin associated with cat flu?

    Hi guys, Recently we added a new sphynx member to our family and ever since my girl ( had cat flu when she was a kitten) has been having flare ups I'm presuming due to the stress. In the beginning it was the usual sneezing and weepy eyes but just recently she has developed this sort of flaking...
  13. Chloe M

    After pregnancy - Excess skin?

    Hi everyone! I'm new to Sphynx Lair. I've had my beautiful little girl Lola since May 13, she's 1 year 4 months. Although I have no plans to breed her anytime soon - I do plan to do so in the future. I'm just curious as to what happens to the excess skin after pregnancy? I've seen a few...
  14. Sphnxophelia

    Paracord Collars?

    Hey Again Everybody, I was looking at Collars for Cats and Dogs and I really like the Paracord Collars. Though I was wondering if Paracord would irritate the Skin of a Sphynx? Has anyone tried these Paracord Collars? Let me know what you think.
  15. amhoneyliz

    Dirt spots that won't go away

    Hi there. My sphynx Ophelia has developed built up oil areas on her belly back legs, around her butt and one spot on her neck. I know it is not her coloring because she didn't have these spots when I first got here a year ago when she was three. I've tried washing the area and I tried coconut...
  16. PIXRSphynx

    Weird skin condition?

    My baby Petey will be 6yrs in May & for the last month I can't figure out his "rash" and no help from the vet. I have not changed food, litter, soap or detergent. Any suggestions on what this may be & what I can do would be great! It doesn't seem to bother him. He doesn't scratch @ it or lick @...
  17. pussiette

    Scarring on skin

    Does anyone know how long are scarring lasts for on sphynx skin I was wondering if where the biopsies were taken if that will stop being white I feel so sad every time I look at it and am reminded on how delicate she is.
  18. Ashdm

    What are these marks on my Sphynx's skin??

    My spyhnx has developed dark marks on his belly. He's a black sphynx anyway but these are very black spots. They have literally shown up in the last 2 weeks and continued to spread in a horizontal line across his abdomen. I've read numerous threads on here about similar marks on the skin but I...
  19. Seppo

    Discolored area of skin

    Hello I'm new to sphynxies and am in a bit of a panic before I call the vet! Seppo is a young black sphynx. I came home from a weekend away (over which time my friend, the vet, was cat sitting and he was glued to her a lot!) and he's got a lighter patch of skin on his side (about a square...
  20. pussiette

    Urticaria pigmentosa

    Does your sphynx have urticaria pigmentosa/severe hive? I desperately need to connect with anyone owning a sphynx with this health problem.

    Bad skin rash!

    My 3 year old female has been slowly getting this rash the last 2 years. Started on her legs. When she gets pregnant, it goes away. When she's done nursing her kittens, it starts to come back. This time it has come back, and it has spread to her back, tail and face. I have tried every diet...
  22. thisismadelyn88

    Itchy rash, constantly licking herself!!

    My cat is 2 yrs old and has had the worst skin problems for about a year. She constantly has scabs all over her body bc of constant licking and itching. I swear her licking herself is one of the most annoying sounds I have ever heard in my life! She was never like this when I first got her. I...