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  1. Zhenchen

    Please help!! Skin and ear problem

    Hi, my Sphynx's name is Tokoyaki and he is only 4 months. He got a serious skin problem and ear infection. Before he only had few red bumps, then it got more and more. These red bumps only appear on his back and tail. I took him to see vets, but those vets did not have experience with Sphynx...
  2. Meowsfuratu

    Dark Spot and Skin Issues

    I'm most concerned about the dark larger spot in the first pic. It's dark brown in color and slightly scaly feeling. The dark freckles in picture 2 are new as well, but from reviewing other forums, don't seem too concerning? He doesn't have any pink bumps and doesn't itch. I started different...
  3. nkdidi

    Supplements and skin

    Hiya! I thought I'd post here since this site has been soo helpful. Whenever I have a question I trawl the threads. Anyway, just before new years my Rizzo started getting what looked like hives on her chest area. She has had a few spots here and there on her back but it got worse. Pics of the...
  4. Catalina

    Can anyone know what s this about? She s my canadian sphynx Priya. She s 6 months old

    HAS ANYONE SEEN THIS SKIN PROB. ON THEIR SPHYNX BEFORE? Hello! I have a canadian sphynx, she s 6 months old. She got this at her tail and back foots since i bought her. At first i thought her tail is like this because of the door litter , but then after i took that door off and i sow that the...
  5. IMG_3908


    Has anyone seen this backfoots prob?