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  1. emmabacaxo

    Sleep / breathing

    Hello, I have a baby girl named Aria . I’ve had her for 2 years now. She will be 3 in September next year. She’s very playful & has the best / sometimes sassy personality I love her to death!! She’s my best friend & she pretty much saved my life when I was at my lowest with depression. I love...
  2. KitKat121

    Nocturnal Sphynx

    Hi guys! It's Stephanie with yet another question...I hope you guys aren't annoyed with me yet! I'm not sure if I updated recently about Grimley's neutering, but it went well, he did great and he hasn't peed since! However, for the past few months my Grimley is awake at night always around...
  3. sleepy cuddles

    sleepy cuddles

    little man