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  1. LittleNakeys


    Hi guys, I recently switched my 14week old kitten from Royal Canin (breeder to blame) to Candidae kitten formula and he's been pooping more than usual. Not only is he pooping more, he's also been farting more. And both of them smell SO bad. Could it be the food change or has anyone had similar...
  2. FionaWade

    Help! Sphynx has permanent diarrhea

    Hello - I have two sphynx cats. One is 3 and he is overweight and one is 4 and is so skinny and has permanent diarrhea. They have seen the vet multiple times - they have always been this way. They eat Royal Canin fit 32. They are getting worse now - the fat one is gettinng fatter and the skinny...