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solid chocolate

  1. Miss Minka Chocolat

    Miss Minka Chocolat

    My stunning chocolate drop! How are you so perfect?!
  2. Annoying lil bro!

    Annoying lil bro!

  3. Divine Chocolate

    Divine Chocolate

  4. Minka Chocolat

    Minka Chocolat

  5. Custom Jumpers from Russia!

    Custom Jumpers from Russia!

  6. Coco Couture

    Coco Couture

  7. Monica

    Twinning with your spouse

    Idc... I love everything about this matching couple! Next, I need to find denim on denim ensemble circa Britney Spears & JT Awards Show look! :0
  8. King & Queen of the concrete jungle

    King & Queen of the concrete jungle

  9. Barista Please

    Barista Please

  10. Catnip Trippin!!!

    Catnip Trippin!!!

    The nip hit hard this last time! lmao @batcity_sphynx
  11. Looking & Feeling Yummy!

    Looking & Feeling Yummy!

    Irresistible Chocolate!
  12. Glowing Pink after 1st Spa Day

    Glowing Pink after 1st Spa Day

    Minka’s first Spa Day
  13. Goddess Minka

    Goddess Minka

    Ears, eyes, everything yasss
  14. Minka Chocolat

    Minka Chocolat

    Dreamy bedroom eyes
  15. Monica

    Chocolate Kitty, WTF is your name?!!

    Pardon my frustrations :ROFLMAO:; ) Chocolate kitty is coming home in less than a week! I’m so excited/nervous + annoyed that I can’t seem to find a name that fits! Well... a name that fits, that ALSO pleases hubs. The breeder sent me a new video of my baby girl. I managed to snap a screen...
  16. Love at first site!

    Love at first site!

    ... I mean sight! Chocolate baby with her tortie sister. So cute, I want to eat her up! 4-5 weeks old