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sore lip

  1. Ambi

    Sore mouth

    Hello, In the photo is my cat Slinky (1y/o) he loves to rub his face on things, I know there are scent glands in that area and is probably why he is rubbing. He was rubbing on my fabric bed frame and so I bought a whole new bed with a wooden frame, I try to let him rub on my face and against...
  2. DollyTheSphynx

    Tooth extraction and sickness! HELP!

    Hi all! So Dolly had complex dental surgery about 4 weeks ago and now has 4 big teeth left bless her! She was back to eating her food normally within a few days and by 1 week she seemed like she was doing great However, the last few weeks she has vomited around once a week and I have noticed...