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  1. LucilleBald


    Hey everyone! So I'm going to be getting my Sphynx spayed in the next couple months and I've heard not to use ketamine. My vet doesn't use gas and has fixed sphynx' before with ketamine. She also called her vet friend in PA who specialized in exotic breeds and he also says he uses ketamine on...
  2. pearlpollard

    Fatty pads after spay?

    Hey all! My almost 5 month old girl is starting to get lumps on her lower stomach. 2 lumps to be exact. They are on her lower stomach, kind of beside the inside of her back legs. I asked my breeder about it and she said its normal and it happens in a lot of female cats. She called it "like a...
  3. Tale Grude

    Shaking paws

    Hi! It's been a while since I posted anything on here, but I'm back with yet another question! Yesterday Kisa was at the vet to get spayed. And now she will be wearing a protective thin body to keep her from licking at her incision. She isn't really used to wearing clothing cause I only put...