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  1. KotomodaCatWear

    Dress Your Cat for the Occasion! Explore Our Exclusive Cat Costumes!

    Are you ready to take your cat's style to the next level and make them the life of the party? Look no further! At Kotomoda, we specialize in creating unique cat costumes and outfits for special events, holidays, and more. Magical Transformations Await! Whether it's Halloween, a themed party...
  2. KizzyD

    5 year dedicated sphynx Mum

    Hey everyone, I usually dont get onto forums and stuff like that but the last year with my little man has seen me to seek out other sphynx owners and shared information. I have a nearly 6 year old beautiful male, name Sultan. He’s such a grumpy mummies boy lol. The last 6 months have been a bit...
  3. 2B1A69FB-3038-448A-9E60-46EE44BA975C.jpeg


    Satiah with her new litter. Set of 3 new blessings
  4. VentrellaJr

    Why Does Mussolini do this?

    Mussolini my 11 month old Does this constantly before sleeping or Periodically throughout the day . Whenever he wants anything he is extremely verbal they constantly.
  5. Lunasphynx1995

    Stinky farts

    Hi, I recently got my 7month old sphynx girl and the food the breeder provided was giving her a very bad tummy and horrendeous diahorea, it was the james wellbeloved adult fish flavoured kibble. Under recomendation I have now put her onto Applaws grain free kitten kibble which seems to have...
  6. Danniej

    Introducing a kitten to a dog.

    Hi all! So I have a small Maltese mix, who is about a year old. She's been around hairy cats before and other dogs. I'll be getting my new kitten in a few days and was wondering if you all have tips on introductions. Jinx's breeder has no dogs so Jinx has probably never even seen a dog, so I am...