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sphnyx questions

  1. Danniej


    Hi! My name is Dannie and i'm getting my very first Sphynx kitten on the 8th! I'll be flying to Seattle to pick her up. Her name is Jinx and I am so excited to bring her home! If you guys have any tips for a first time owner I'd be happy to listen. I look forward to speaking with you all!
  2. Jeff Mahady

    Sphynx with Dogs

    I currently have two sphinx now, a male and female that love each other. My wife and I were thinking of bringing a dog into the family and I was wondering about breeds that mix well with cats. Do any of you have dogs with your cats and if so how's it going and what breed do you have? thanks, Jeff
  3. ArkenBillsmom

    When is it too late to add a sphynx?

    Hello, It may take me a while to save up in order to get Bill a compainion. We would like to get a cat to get Bill out of our hair a bit (he loves my husband too much) and also add to our sphynx addiction. Bill is 8 months. Is there a time limit for getting a new sphynx? When is it too late to...