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sphynx and dogs

  1. alandsim

    Advice Wanted! - Cat / Dog Integration Plan 2019

    ...or so we have been calling it in my house. I posted yesterday about getting a 3-year-old don sphynx Sim when I have a 2-year-old husky Jo. Thank you all so much for the warm welcome! I am going to post my detailed game plan here and I welcome any feedback, especially things I may have...
  2. Monica

    Pathological Mastermind XD

    ***This is satirical portrayal of events which occurred today. For added entertainment, pour yourself a glass of wine, and drink every time you come across the word Q-Tip! :p I have definitive proof that cats, specifically my Kenzo, are pathelogical masterminds... Villains plotting to take...
  3. Stinky Boys Club

    Stinky Boys Club

    You can’t sit with us!
  4. @kingkenzobare_


    Snuggles with Boogie. Such good boys!
  5. Danniej

    Introducing a kitten to a dog.

    Hi all! So I have a small Maltese mix, who is about a year old. She's been around hairy cats before and other dogs. I'll be getting my new kitten in a few days and was wondering if you all have tips on introductions. Jinx's breeder has no dogs so Jinx has probably never even seen a dog, so I am...
  6. Jeff Mahady

    Sphynx with Dogs

    I currently have two sphinx now, a male and female that love each other. My wife and I were thinking of bringing a dog into the family and I was wondering about breeds that mix well with cats. Do any of you have dogs with your cats and if so how's it going and what breed do you have? thanks, Jeff
  7. MissKimmy

    Puppy or sphynx kitty first ?

    We are finally purchasing a home and are ready to start adopting pets. I would love a sphynx kitten or cat and an indoor puppy/dog. Should we get the puppy first or the sphynx .I am following a breeder that raises the kittens with a yorkie so I know they will be already dog friendly . TIA