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sphynx black

  1. GMPLAX23

    Signed, sealed and yet to be delivered

    Hi everyone! Thanks to you all and the information in this community, I decided to get my very own Sphynx kitten! I'm so happy! He should be coming to my home in October. I really love my breeder. She is knowledgeable, friendly and so passionate about these cats. She is also very attentive to...
  2. Bustamante01

    Welcoming lil boy soon

    Hi everyone, My husband and I are welcoming our first sphynx into our home on September 1st. Do you guys have any recommandations as it concerne food, cat tree.. Anything i need to know. Plus, if you got any suggestions for a mâle name, don't be shy! :) Here's a pictureof our lil boy. Thank...