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sphynx clothing

  1. Monica

    Twinning with your spouse

    Idc... I love everything about this matching couple! Next, I need to find denim on denim ensemble circa Britney Spears & JT Awards Show look! :0
  2. Window watching on a rainy day

    Window watching on a rainy day

  3. Hit them with the Smolder

    Hit them with the Smolder

  4. Jackolyn

    Best Sphynx Sweater/Clothing Options?

    Hello everyone! I've been browsing online lately to get some sweaters for my little girl Aurora (who's health has been doing great recently!) and I keep finding myself looking at "Sphynx Swag", and debating on getting one or two sweaters from them for her to try out - though she's only 4 months...
  5. Happy Fourth of July!

    Happy Fourth of July!

    Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday!
  6. Monica

    Hats on Cats?? (SEND dressed NUDES)

    Full Monty or Dapper Dan?? Do you dress up your sphynx, or prefer a fully nude, nude? Did your sphynx take to clothing easily, or was it a transition? Please share your experiences dressing, or failing to dress, your naked babies! Brand recommendations wanted. Pictures of your sphynx in...
  7. Kvmccay

    Should I clothe my shynx

    I Only put a shirt on my sphynx when it's really cold. I live in New Orleans so it's not that often. My question is how long can you leave a shirt on them? My shirts come from someone who makes top quality clothing for cats. The problem is I had him in one of his adult size shirt and noticed he...
  8. Tale Grude

    Sphynx clothing - How tight can it be?

    Hi! I have yet another question, haha :P I was wondering, how tight should/can their clothing be? Kisa is so small that I don't think I'll be ordering any kitten clothing for her, cause she will be growing so quickly. But I want to fit a wollen sock to her, but I'm scared it'l get to tight or...
  9. Tale Grude

    Sphynx Clothing

    Hi! In my apartment it usually more than warm enough for Kisa to need any clothing. But I would like to her some warm and comfy clothing to wear when I got to the vet and need to bring her outside. Does anyone recommend a website to order Sphynx clothing from? Thanks! :D