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sphynx health

  1. Denki

    Little boy seems sick, does anyone know what it could be?

    Hello, my little one isn’t behaving like his usual self and I’m a bit worried. I’m taking him to the vet on Monday, I took an appointment, but I still wanted to ask if anyone knows what the cause could be. Since yesterday, he’s eating very little (extremely unusual) and I noticed him shivering...
  2. HannahandHope

    Help for Hope

    My Hope baby is 2 years old and I have noticed she had hip pain, and she passed gas yesterday once and it smelt like sulfur, and just a minute ago she had a seizure. I just need help on what could be wrong, she is my whole world. My mom passed away four months ago and she is my emotional support...
  3. themodifieddoll

    Really Worried

    I've been inactive for a minute, due to a recent move, but somethings have occurred that have me extremely concerned About a week ago, Godiva started vomiting Very unusual as its nothing she's ever done on a regular basis, but what started as a one time thing began happening multiple times a...
  4. Kelsey Barnes


    I feel a little crazy about doing this but I think that other sphynx moms will understand. In a way it is funny, and people joke with me about it but people have no freaking clue how much I stress myself out over Gretta. I LOVE Greta so much that I literally have anxiety that gets to me even...
  5. A

    Skin problem help!!!

    my beautiful little sphynx Albert has developed a strange mark on his back today and I'm very worried. As I cannot find any similar cases or get any idea what it could be! Can anyone help?!?! I have attached a few images below! Albert is 8 months old he has had all his vaccinations, His...