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sphynx names

  1. Monica

    Sphynx Name Meanings

    Hola Lairians!! :cat::cat::cat: Having been around the Lair for a few months now, I’ve noticed there are so many unique and creative sphynx names!! Some are cute, some are funny. Some are historical, others from pop culture. With so many members from all over the world, I though it would be...
  2. M

    Name ideas?

    Hi, I have a four month old sphynx named Morty, and we're getting him another male as a friend. We're trying to come up with more 'm' names, preferably something spooky or Halloween related. I was thinking Mojo but I don't know if I'm set on it. The new boy is a seal point! Thanks guys :)
  3. Appleslolo

    Sphynx names

    I'm about to (fingers crossed) adopt my first sphynx within the next couple of days if everything goes well and I've been trying really hard to figure out a name and I'm having no luck. So I was wondering if y'all could share some names you have for yours or some y'all came up with. The one I'm...