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sphynx overweight

  1. DillPickle

    Hill’s i/d prescription diet

    My sphynx Dill is a year and a half old. At our vet appointment today he weighed 12.9 pounds and the vet told me he’s overweight. About 4 months ago I switched him onto Hill’s i/d prescription formula dry & wet food per my vets suggestion. Prior to this, he had chromic diarhhea, where I had...
  2. Faeron

    Sphynx cat proper weight - Unable to eat much in 1 go

    Hello, Last November my cat was ill, she couldn't eat anymore, threw up everything and such. She has been turned inside out by the veterinarian. First they said it were here kidneys, but a second vet said nothing was wrong with her kidneys, etc. Until they saw her stomach and intestinals were...