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sphynx sweater

  1. Jackolyn

    Best Sphynx Sweater/Clothing Options?

    Hello everyone! I've been browsing online lately to get some sweaters for my little girl Aurora (who's health has been doing great recently!) and I keep finding myself looking at "Sphynx Swag", and debating on getting one or two sweaters from them for her to try out - though she's only 4 months...
  2. FelineNakedLife

    Sphynx Sweater Sewing Pattern??

    Ok, does anyone have a picture tutorial of a sewing pattern for a little fleece sweater? I would rather brave the sewing machine and attempt making my own rather than spending a ton of money on 1 sweater when I'm getting 2 babies! I'm a visual learner.....any ideas? Thanks!!
  3. Tale Grude

    Sphynx Clothing

    Hi! In my apartment it usually more than warm enough for Kisa to need any clothing. But I would like to her some warm and comfy clothing to wear when I got to the vet and need to bring her outside. Does anyone recommend a website to order Sphynx clothing from? Thanks! :D