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  1. 123ambermarie

    Kai- Rehoming 8yr Male Sphynx in Missouri

    I write this with a heavy heart. This is Kai! He is 8 years old, neutered, “special needs” and located in KCMO. I’m in the process of changing careers, and will start traveling in a few months. Unfortunately, I am looking to find Kai his new forever home. Kai is so sweet and loving! A big fan of...
  2. shantedsp8

    Looking for Sphynx in Central Florida

    Hello, my name is Shante I’m currently looking to adopt/rehome a Sphinx cat in the Central Florida area. I do have a fur baby Moonie who is a Tuxedo Cat. He’s very friendly and loves too play, but he also loves to lay around and be lazy, so I’m looking for a Sphynx who are good around other...
  3. Amdaoud05

    Looking to re-home my two sphynx (Male and Female) in DMV (Maryland) willing to travel to neighboring states

    Hi everyone, I'm facing a really tough decision, and it's with a heavy heart that I'm looking to re-home my two beloved sphynx cats. They're a male and a female, both 8 years old. It's not easy for me to do this, but my health has taken an unexpected turn. I've developed a severe allergy to...