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  1. Letti

    Ukrainian Levkoy and Canadian Sphynx

    Hello, I’m new to this page and I’ve been doing lots of research and had asked reputable registered breeders all about the breed. I guess I can say that I might have a little knowledge about the breed and genetics. So I just have a quick question, I know for in fact if a Canadian and Donskoy...
  2. Levi & Koko

    Levi & Koko

  3. Levi & Koko

    Levi & Koko

  4. Levi & Koko

    Levi & Koko

  5. Levi & Koko

    Levi & Koko

  6. Levi & Koko

    Levi & Koko

  7. Levi & Koko

    Levi & Koko

  8. Levi & Koko

    Levi & Koko

  9. Zelouise

    We're Finally Sphynx Mommies - In Need Of Advice!

    Hello Sphynxlair Family :) My partner and I recently became parents to our long awaited boy, Farrow. He is a beautiful Harlequin Sphynx and his dad has won 1st place in multiple cat shows here in South-Africa. We were truly blessed when the breeder notified us that she had one more kitten left...
  10. Binxthesphynx

    New kitten

    Hi everyone , my name is Jess and I am totally new to the world of sphynx. We have had our little white nude sphynx for 9 days now and I am struggling to know what the best shampoo is to use on his skin. He has also come out in brown freckles it looks like on his skin. I have tried to limit...
  11. Hayana Pica, the coolest Sphynx Girl!

    Hayana Pica, the coolest Sphynx Girl!

    Sunbathing in Spain :-D