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spyhnx wanted

  1. CookieMQueen

    Looking for a Spyhnxie!

    Hi, my name is Shelby (or more commonly known as Cookie lol) and I am looking for a spyhnx kitty for my beloved grandmother. My grandmother is one of the most loving and caring women I know, and I’m very proud to have to her who doesn’t have not one bad bone in her body. She has just retired...
  2. Kali Kimball

    Looking to adopt a young or older sphynx

    My 1 1/2 year old Elf Sphynx, Koala is in need of a playmate. I am in Kansas City area. I'm open to rescue, rehome an older sphynx or someone that will let me make payments if I have to pay full cost. My baby boy just needs a sibling.