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  1. M

    Orange stains the day after bathing

    Hi everyone! My 4 month old kitten has been getting dirty the day after his bath. It's like the bath never even happened. I've only washed him twice so far since receiving him, with 2-3 weeks in between each bath. I read that not washing off the soap correctly might be the cause so I made...
  2. Rain

    Eye booger stain

    hello, We have a pink Sphynx named rain Lately he’s been getting big eye boogers, this morning his face was stained! It was bath day today and not even the bath removed his stains :( how should I clean him?
  3. Kristen G

    HELP! Dry stained skin

    im really worried about jax's skin. Since yesterday its been extremely dry almost like raw under his neck and pits and stained brown. It wont come off with soap or wipes. The night before this happened we gave him a bath and used exfoliating gloves and hylyt. Maybe my hubby scrubbed too hard...
  4. Maddie

    Suggestions for Removing Oil Stains

    So, Astrid has stained my sheets. Apparently pushing the bath two days was a bad idea lol new food makes her so dirty, but it fixed everything else. Merg. She's off the gastro one and onto a calorie one now so hopefully that switch helps :) My sheets have been washed twice and treated with two...
  5. Spight

    STain under nose advise pretty please...

    So we've had Voldemort 1.5 months now. He's 5 months old. When we got him he had very weepy eyes and was sneezing constantly so we took him to the vets 3 days after him arriving. The vet said he had conjunctivitis and possibley a respiratory infection. We got eye drops to give him for 2 weeks...
  6. LuckDuck

    Can you get brown stains off adult teeth?

    Hey everyone, I hope someone can give me a bit of help. I have a white odd eyed girl and have had her since she was 8 months old. Now she is a little over a year. She eats a healthy raw diet, well mostly. She just wants to eat chicken but I have slowly been getting her to eat other things...
  7. hurley

    brown teeth

    hi all, I've only had hurley 17 weeks old since last saturday, but i noticed that his teeth are quite brown and i think he is missing some, which i thought was a bit unusual, because normally puppies when they're young their teeth are pure white and thought would be the same with kittens...