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  1. Link going for a walk in his stroller

    Link going for a walk in his stroller

  2. Maddie

    Astrid's Stroller!

    So, I bought an actual kid stroller for Miss Astrid. I wanted something that was cheap and not just a novelty thing. So I found this one second hand for $20 and added a uv protection mesh over it. Astrid fits perfectly! I just need to work on how I attach her to the seat. She seemed to like it...
  3. Cinderstar95

    Kitty strollers

    Can someone recommend a decent quality stroller for my little psycho? I'd love to take her out and give her some fresh air, but I am a broke college student, and many of these strollers seem so expensive and I wont know if she even really likes it until I sit her in one. it would add the benefit...
  4. Cattitude

    Harnesses, strollers...

    A few weeks ago while still all broody waiting for Mitsou's gotcha day, I bought a pet stroller from eBay. My plan is to use the stroller to walk my two Sphynxies and possibly Victor (if he fits). To get them used to it, I leave the stroller open with brakes on in my living room. They've all...