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  1. Rens

    is sunbathing inside ok for a sphynx?

    I tried searching the forums but didn't seem to find a clear answer. but I also read some devided opinions about it. Our girl loves to lay in front of the window, it's her fav spot, esp when the sun is out. The vet I go to said they can't get sunburn trough windows, but I wanna be 100% sure :s...
  2. Sun Drunk

    Sun Drunk

  3. Sun bathing

    Sun bathing

  4. Yoda mom

    Black Sphynx pigmentation

    I recently adopted a black Sphynx that has a very large area of pigmentation on only one side of his body. He was sunbathing in the window at his previous home. He was vet checked last month. The vet report diagnosis said it is normal pigmentation for his age - almost 4 yrs old - and basking...