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  1. Bailey21

    Recommendation for a Vet in Hamilton, ON Canada

    Good morning, I would like to recommend Dr. Ervin Harxhi at Stone Church Animal Clinic in Hamilton, Ontario. I had a wonderful experience with my sphynx here, right off the bat he started by asking us if we had any questions for him before he even started his exam with our baby (which of course...
  2. Bailey21

    Bad Experience with a Vet in Hamilton, Canada

    This is probably going to be somewhat of a rant so I apologize in advance, but I just wanted to share my experience with a local vet I've been dealing with in Hamilton. I've been super stressed out trying to find a reputable vet in my area for my babies neuter that I actually had 3 appointments...
  3. Kathie

    Hello from Toronto! I'm new!

    Hi all, After lurking here for sometime I finally joined the Lair, and I just became the proud new mama to my 5 month old boy! He was well cared for, but the family's five year old son developed and allergy to him so they had to re-home. We connected and I bought and brought him home Saturday...