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tuxedo sphynx

  1. Corie

    New Member: Corie, owner of Pretentious “Pierre”, California

    Hi there! Corie & Pierre here Pierre, (or as my sister likes to say “Pi-hairless”) is a 6 month old tuxedo Sphynx. We live in Northern, CA and absolutely love it! If you’d asked me 3 years ago if I’d ever see myself owning a hairless cat, I would have said you’re crazy. However, after some...
  2. Flint snuggling his only Brother (named Tyrone) #1

    Flint snuggling his only Brother (named Tyrone) #1

    Red kitten (Flint) cuddling his brother (Tyrone)
  3. Lazy Sphynx boy.

    Lazy Sphynx boy.

    Tux loves to sleep on top of the dryer and watch birds out the window so we move his bed up there. Went to do clothes and he was beyond laid back.