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  1. Flint with brother Tyrone, 5.5 weeks old

    Flint with brother Tyrone, 5.5 weeks old

  2. KitKat121

    Looking to adopt in Michigan, willing to travel (any Canadians out there?)

    Hi! I'm Stephanie. Recently, I was set to adopt my first ever sphynx, an adorable male tuxedo, but due to complications he passed away within weeks of gotcha day :cry:With a broken heart, I've been on the lookout for a baby like him ever since. However, my funds are very limited now because, if...
  3. Loric4712

    Pray 4 Loric

    :cry: Please help this spread all over the internet. BREAK THE INTERNET. FORGET ABOUT KIM K! I LOVE MY BABY :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry: He is already at NHVS and the surgery is being performed tomorrow. :cry::cry::cry: Pray that he does not have any complications please! Feel free to share...