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  1. A

    Is there kittens on this ultrasound

    Hi a friend of mine sent her cat to stud April the 22nd she never came back into heat again but showed no sign of pregnancy she decided to have an ultrasound scan by a mobile scanner on the 09/06 and the scanner told her she was pregnant t with at least 2 but likely more kittens and would be due...
  2. M

    We have 3 babies! 30 days until due date

  3. S

    I wish I hadn’t dragged my feet on insurance

    Hi everyone. I’m at a loss- I got my baby, Frank, back in December. I kept thinking I would sign up for insurance but I kept putting it off, mostly because all the options were so overwhelming and I don’t have insurance for my other pets. Anyways, since I’ve had him, he’s been treated once for...
  4. kdmotter

    False Tendon

    Hello! Francine had her first ultrasound last week (at 13 months old). The cardiologist discovered a mild murmur and what he called "false tendon." Does anyone have any information/experience with this? He did say her heart size looked good and was normal and that he'd like to recheck in six...