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  1. MajikkuMachida

    Need advice. Kitty losing weight!

    Hello to all you beautiful sphynx cat lovers! Any advice will be useful. I have been reading past threads and have tried the glop and pumpkin in my kitty's diet. A little history and straight to the point; I have a 11 month kitten named Machida who has recently lost a lot of weight. The...
  2. Umephere

    Worried about my kitty

    Hi! I have had my kitten Umephere, Umie for short, since August. I've been around sphynxes since I was 10, and she is having some issues I have never seen before this consistently and this badly. She was really, really small, like 3 pounds at 4 months old and would eat like a rabbid animal. (she...
  3. Kiapi

    Overweight Sphynx

    Hi All, I have two wonderful Sphynx, and one BIG dilemma: one is too fat and one too skinny! My vet asked me to put Bintang on a diet, however he and Chief eat together and I can't control who eat what. Do you know how I can manage? Thank you Chiara