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  1. Sarahstar66

    Lilith Updates!

    Hello all! Lilith is doing so well. She's really came out of her shell and loves sprinting across the house to pounce on her toys and on us haha. We had our first vet checkup and all seems well. No heart murmurs or other issues. We had our first spa day yesterday (I was going to wait until...
  2. Sarahstar66

    Best pet supply website!

    Shout out to @Yoda mom for her recommendation to check out Chewy! We're getting down to the Gotcha Day wire and so far I've ordered: An auto feeder An auto waterer Litter box Epi-optic Hylyt shampoo L-Lysine powder 24 can case of wet food (fingers crossed she likes it) 5lbs bag of dry food...