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urinary blockage

  1. OsirisZaGod

    Question about Sphynx with urinary infection.

    My baby is only 3 months old. I just got him two weeks ago, and this past weekend I noticed he bled on my bedsheet. He subsequently was up all night having trouble urinating and dripping blood. He even had some nasty diarrhea at one point, and looked visibly ill at one point. I took him to the...
  2. brattly2

    Sphynx with urinary disease on science diet C/D

    My male neutered sphynx had a urinary blockage last year. He was then put on Science Diet C/D he has since started to grow hair has anyone else had this issue or can anyone give me their experiences with the same problems maybe a diet change like home cooked. I'm actually a vet tech this boy was...