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  1. SphynxCatCarl

    First time sphynx mom

    Hello all - this website has been so helpful so far answering questions and getting tips! I have a 7 week old Donskoy sphynx named Carl. I just made him his first vet appointment for first vaccines and possible neutering (how old are they supposed to be?). Carl LOVES to bite and scratch my...
  2. Janie rosell


    Hi Everyone! I'm a little worried. A week and a half ago I rescued this 2 and a half month old sphynx kitten. She's gorgeous and super sweet. Everything seemed fine until Saturday we went to get her vaccines and she's been having diarrhea, she's been super sleepy and not active much like she...
  3. JojoCatMama

    Need Outdoor Vaccines if Taking Cats Outide?

    Hello Lair! Tansy and Merlin are doing great... they are both about 9 pounds now and really getting situated to their home/humans. I have a quick question- if I plan on taking them out for walks on leashes, do I need to first take them to the vet for their outdoor vaccines? I also want to...
  4. PetitePuce

    Quick Question - Distemper

    I'm very sorry, but I'm in a bit of a rush and don't have a lot of time to research this right now so I thought it might be best to simply ask the question to see if I could get a quick question. My Kojak is due for his 2nd annual exam and I'm so confused about what is or isn't recommended when...
  5. theors01


    Hi EVERYONE! Should I give my 4 year old sphynx cat vaccines? I did when he was a kitten (except rabies) but I don't know if I should now. Please advise. THANK YOU! Theo & Kato
  6. Justified143

    Vaccine site induced cancer?

    Has anyone heard of Sphynx or any other cats getting cancer from their vaccine site? My 7 year old male Sphynx got a huge tumor on his back, between his shoulders. I've taken him to two vets and both agree that his mass was caused from his vaccination site. He had surgery to have it removed...
  7. IggytheSphynx

    Bump on my Kitty

    Hey Guys! I just got home from work and noticed my kitty has a small bump under his back leg. Kind of in his armpit I guess. He got his last set of fiv and luek. shots on wednesday so I am not sure if its related. But the shot was in his hip on that side, not his armpit. He is only 16 weeks old...
  8. stefanie412

    Leukemia Vaccination?

    I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding vaccinations. I've already stopped giving the Rabies vaccine because it's unnecessary with both of the babies being inside only. But I was wondering if I should continue to get other vaccines, like the booster and leukemia vaccination? What do...
  9. Reina

    FHV and vaccines

    Hi all. I need some help! My Odis has been sick since shortly coming home from the vet..it started with an eye infection, which turned into a URI and finally got the confirmation that he has FHV. Odis was on an antibiotic for two weeks and we started him on a lysine regime of 250 mg twice a...
  10. Candys


    I know there has been a post on which vaccines to use and not use - but I am at work and in a hurry. Dinka is at the vet this morning for his neuter. The tech said he has not had his leukemia vaccine. I told her that I would have to get back with her on that. Do I vaccinate?:Dizzy: