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veterinarian recommendation

  1. moodynudie

    Looking For a Vet Recommendation

    Hello, everyone! As some of you may have heard, my 13 week old kitten, Fig, is sick, and so far, the vet I'm seeing hasn't been of much help. I live around Appleton, Wisconsin and was wondering if any of you lovely people know of a vet in the area that has experience with the Sphynx breed. The...
  2. D

    Vets in Los Angeles

    Hi, I'm searching for a good vet in Los Angeles who has experience treating the Sphynx breed. Can you recommend any good vets in the LA area? Thanks, Dee
  3. kirasmom

    Looking for Vet recommendations in the Northern VA/DC area...

    Our girl has been struggling with some rash issues lately and after trying several different things (new litter, new shampoo, etc.) we have decided it is time to get the vet's opinion and maybe do some allergy testing. The only issues is, we would rather not take her to a vet that is...