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  1. Monica

    FIRST Spa Day Advice?!?

    So the ever dreaded, or cautiously anticipated, first full spa day is upon us! ... Maybe... After much research about the breed, I knew I would need to fully bathe Kenzo 1-2 times a month, along with keeping up with weekly nail trims and ear cleaning. So today marks the official one month mark...
  2. Monica

    Blackheads and Bathing

    Down the rabbit hole of newbie questions we go! I’ve seen A LOT of posts/pics about sphynx tails with blackheads, both here and on other groups. I’m very particular, and would prefer not the deal with pimple popping... Here’s the newbie part: 1. Should I be actively doing something...
  3. M

    canaural ear drops?

    so noticed some head shaking and ear itching today so I took kitty to the vet and got perscribed canaural ear drops. Anyone use these before? this was my first time at this vet so idk how much experience this vet has had with sphynx cats but paranoid me would like to know if anyone has used them...
  4. zombiequeen13

    Dirty ears!

    Ok I have 2 sphynx kitties. The younger of the two has realllllly dirty ears.. like I clean them for 20+ mins and there is still stuff in there it seems. He also chews on his back claws, I was thinking maybe he has allergies. My older boy never has had ths issue. I have changed both the litter...
  5. kiki3898


    I have been cleaning Gracies ears every wk since i have had her after about 5 days she starts scratching at them I clean them the way the video shows to do it I can see brown stuf i guess wax way down in the ear but cant get it with cotton balls and i dont wont to go that far in the ear is this...
  6. admin

    Cleaning Sphynx Cat ears.

    Cleaning ears Why do I need to clean my Sphynx cat's ears? Sphynx cats have more ear wax than most cats because they have little or no hair in their ears, so dirt, skin oils, and ear wax accumulate more frequently, the wax or dirt build up is usually brown to black in color. Sphynx cats ears...