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what age

  1. MaisyMom

    Sphynx Kitten too Skinny! Help!

    I just got my Sphynx kitten a week ago from the breeder. She provided a health certificate showing Maisy had been dewormed and was healthy for sale, but I still felt something was wrong. I can see her spine and feel every little bone in it. I can see and feel her ribs as well. I took her to...
  2. J

    Best age to bring home kitten

    My fiance and I bought a little sphynx kitten and the breeder said we could take her home anywhere between 8-12 weeks. I grew up with dogs and horses and have little experience with kittens, and he grew up in a family that bred show cats (Siamese) and says whenever I want. Of course I want to...