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  1. carly gail

    Throwing up, sneezing, and wheezing OH MY!

    Hi friends, I'm getting a little worried about my Baldy boy. He's been throwing up a few times a month- now about 3 times just this week. I thought it was due to my roommates cats food, but he hasn't had access to that the last few days and he threw up yesterday. It isn't from eating too fast...
  2. guest

    Sphynx wheezing cough

    Occasionally my 8 year old male Sphynx will have cough attacks where he will stretch his neck out and start wheezing. I took him to the vet and they could not find anything wrong with him. They even did x-rays. Does anybody else's Sphynx do this and do you know why??
  3. BynxTheSphynx

    Coughing or Wheezing?

    Bynx has always coughed or wheezed, at least even since I can remember. I'm actually not sure what to call it? He extends his neck and makes this god awful noise. I have tried to watch videos of cat's coughing or wheezing but none of them sound the same. I am just worried it could be HCM. I have...