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white bumps

  1. Remy

    White spots around neck???

    Hi all, Any help would be much appreciated! My lovely boy Remy has come up with a lot of white spots around the sides and back of his neck and a few onto his front arms... I think it may be feline acne as he has always had a few blackheads on his chin but he absolutely hates to be washed so...
  2. B

    Clusters of Rasied/Textured White Spots

    Good morning everyone. This our first post on Sphynx Lair. Long time reader, first time writer. We recently noticed a patch of our Sphynx’s skin had become textured and raised on his lower back/haunch area (pictures included). I feel like it had been there for awhile, but less raisesd, and so we...
  3. Alonasmommy

    White spots under the skin

    Hello everybody, My cat is 3 months old. Before we took it , she only ate orijen dry food. When we tried at first to make the food transition from advance to orijen dry food ( i hope i spell it corectly ) some red and white spots appeared on her skin. We went to the vet, she recommend some hipo...
  4. bisingular

    Skin Condition - small hard bumps

    Hey guys, I have another skin condition. Cynder has tiny hard bumps going from the top of her head all the way down her shoulders and onto her back. They're white for the most part (they turn pink if she or we scratch them, and can get a but scabby). They don't bother her and don't seem to be...