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  1. Maddie

    Aloe is SAFE in Pet Shampoo

    So, since there is a few threads about this, for future reference for others, I thought it'd be easier to put the info I found into one thread for easy access. Aloe is SAFE in shampoos and all that stuff as it is only the juice/gel. The PLANT is "poisonous" as it has a latex component that...
  2. LineB

    To bathe or not to bathe ? that is the question

    Hi, I am a Sphynx Mommy to be (in less then 2 weeks), I am very excited about that. Here is my question: To bathe or not to bathe a Sphynx? Since I've been looking to adopt a Sphynx, I have read everthing that Is available on internet (forums, Vets, breeders, etc.) and seems to me like no one...
  3. V

    Can i clean skin with babywipes?

    Ok so my baby needs to stay put about a month because he had back surgery... My question is what can i clean his skin with? Cause i cant give him a bath and he is really filthy already and smells like urine because he pisses himself... Is a non scented baby wipe ok to wash his skin? or what else?
  4. KitKat26

    Ingredients in baby wipes

    I was at walgreens last night looking for some more natural baby wipes to give wipe downs and bought ology bamboo baby wipes. Is there anything in the ingredient list that looks like it may be toxic or dangerous for cats? Thank you :) Ingredients Purified Artesian Aquifer Water , polysorbate...
  5. JenFid

    Which wipes to use?

    Hi everyone, another question for all of you seasoned Sphynx owners. I know baby/wet wipes are a staple for between-bath cleanings, especially for the eyes and paws/nails. My husband and I don't have kids so baby wipes are not a product I'm familiar with. Months ago when we were baby sitting...