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worried mama

  1. SarahShambles

    Lump :(

    Hi all, Has anyone got any knowledge of movable lumps with your babies? Im so worried about Church! He’s got a vets visit next week (earliest they can see him) im Beside myself with worry, he will be 8 this year
  2. Sammicarkeys

    I am constantly so worried about my cat and his health!

    I brought home my sweet boy a month ago. He is now 4 months old and weighs about 5 lbs. He didn't act out of the ordinary..but his poop smelled god awful. Well, it turns out that he had Giardiasis and Coccidiosis. Treated both and after his last dose he started having diarrhea with blood. Weird...
  3. themodifieddoll

    I'm scared

    I woke up this morning and something was wrong with Godiva's right eye It looks like a film has formed over her entire eye, including her pupil and I can't get her in to see a vet [I've been calling around since 7am and the earliest anyone could see her is the 28th] Could she have hurt herself...
  4. Idontsphynxso

    Moving sphynx from Australia to England

    Hi, I moved to Australia four years ago and now I'm planning to go home to England. Whilst living here in Australia I adopted my boy. I couldn't imagine life without him and want to relocate him with us when we leave. I can't take him into the cabin due to aus/uk quarantine laws so he must...
  5. IcarusTowers

    The Flight of Icarus (comes home 2nd Feb!)

    Howdie.... My name's Shiggi and I'm due to get my little boy - Icarus on Monday 2nd February here in London, UK. The breeder has been ridiculously amazing! She's been keeping me up to date with his well being and vaccines and vet visits as well as loads of gorgeous pictures of him with his...
  6. celesteandbrina

    Watery eyes/ stuffy nose

    Hello, I'm new to the lair and sphynx breed. I've had my baby girl Sabrina for just over a week now, she just turned 12 weeks today (the 1st.) When I took her to the vet the 1st time, 2 days after I got her she had a minor eye infection in her right eye and was prescribed eye drops. I gave them...