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  1. Strangecat

    Sick Kitty ) :

    Hey everyone, I'm having some struggles trying to figure out what is going on with Mars... since sunday evening ( it is now wednesday ) my Mars ( almost 5 months ) has been sick and slow and sleepy and just not eating or being as energetic as usual. He sleeps through the night with me but he's...
  2. moelleux

    Asthma? Worried about Theo

    My kitty Theo has always had respiratory issues (sneezing, green mucus etc) and vets always seem to blow it off after they run some tests and see his blood work is ok. He's been tested for feline leukemia and FIV. But he's never had a chest X-Ray, which I just called and made an appointment for...
  3. Annie

    Runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing?

    Hi, I am a brand new Sphynx owner and I am honestly a nervous wreck. I am so in love with my new baby boy, and I want to make sure he is as happy and healthy as he can be. I've only had him for 2 days now, and tomorrow is his vet appointment. When I picked him up Sunday evening the breeder said...
  4. moelleux

    worried about my two year old's breathing

    Theo is new to my family and of course we are completely in love with our two year old. He is deaf but very healthy and energetic. I am only worried about the way his breathing sounds when he is playing or running. It sounds like labored, heavy sniffing. Should I be worried?