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1 year of Normie!...Also, Training?


Oct 8, 2023
Hi everyone!

Norman Bates is coming up on one year! I love him so much, he's my little creature. :love: I know I probably should have started training him as soon as I got him but I wanted him to acclimate to me and vice versa. I want to start training him to do little things like sit, or high five so we can work to bigger things and I can eventually feel comfortable enough to take him outdoors for short intervals. How do I go about doing that? I'm starting from zero, have no clue where to even begin. I got Norman from craigslist and he seems to be a bit inbred so he's not the brightest but I'll take any advice on how to start this process.

P.S. I've only posted on this forum once before but constantly lurk and pick up on all your advice and wanted to extend a hearty thank you to all of my fellow Sphynx lovers, you all help me tremendously!


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Yoda mom

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Apr 23, 2012
Awh so glad you popped back in to share adorable Norman with us! Time flies! Adorable photos! Clicker training good and surely other. Members who trained tricks will chime in. I am. Currently trying training an 18 yr old black cat to a Voyager step in xs harness
Never to late to train! Pls know harness are NOT escape proof. They can back out of and wiggle pull out. I chose not to take nakids put on harness
The black cat raven was a outdoor kitty who showed up off a delivery truck.
Coyotes around so training her to inside and Harness.
Some members use strollers and or Harness with a carry sack. Happiest upcoming 1st gotcha hugs n kisses
So glad you are enjoying the forums and finding it helpful. All paws are family!

ps: I got Tobylove from craigslist too. he was 11 months old. he loves his exercise wheel. my others could care less about it. here is his pic of Toby love. he turns 11 on april 1st. he reminds me of your Normie!


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Dec 11, 2023
I was able to train my cat I had long ago to shake. I put my hand under his paw lifting it up and would say shake and repeated that a few times throughout the day (cats seem to have very short attention spans lol). Eventually one day he got it and would reluctantly raise his paws and put it on my hand when I said shake, which was good enough for me lol. I am trying that with Nabi but I am not as consistent. I do open her mouth and look at her teeth everyday, which I started to do once she was losing her baby teeth. Now although she doesn't like it very much, she is less resistant and getting better and better while I torture her poor teeth. She's slowing getting better at brushing. I didn't need to teach her to fetch which came kinda naturally. She would grab my hair tie and play with it and run around with it in her mouth. Then she would have it in her mouth and sit by me on the couch. I just got the tie and threw it and amazingly she went for it. Then eventually brought it back and that's how fetching started. Now that the weather is getting warmer I want to teach her to use a harness so she can explore the front deck. She also loves to jump on my shoulders which can be painful at times with her claws on me. I wish I can train her to bring me water and give me a back massage and walk on my back lolol. Instead, she drinks from my cup and I massage her toes and body lol.

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