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4th of July safety reminders for your cats


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Jan 16, 2011

Statistically the days around the 4th of July (Independence Day in the U.S.) are the one time of the year that the highest number of pets are reported missing. This is related to animals being afraid of fireworks and the stressful sounds from them.

With the holiday about to start, parties and celebrations have begun and will run through the next few days. So here are some reminders on how to keep your cats safe.

Prepare A Safe Room

Frightened cats always run and hide. Many cats will run and hide under a bed or in a closet when a simple doorbell rings. It is even more stressful for them when fireworks go off and they hear a loud party going on. Think ahead and create a safe room.

If You Are Having A Party

It is very important to LOCK your baby in their safe room to avoid guests accidentally opening the door and having your cat escape. Put their food and litter box in the room with them and then you will enjoy your party more knowing your cat is not going to get out and neither friend/family members will accidentally give your cat foods that can be dangerous for them to eat.

Extremely Stressed Cats

If you already know your cat is going to freak out on that night due to fireworks or company coming, you might want to look into getting Feliway diffusers or Rescue Remedy to help take the edge off.

Last But Not Least ...take time out from the festivities to spend a few minutes with your cat every couple of hours. You are their guardian and know how to calm them with words and petting etc. I know we all love to show our babies off and often company is intrigued and want to see them etc....but this might be one holiday you skip sharing your cat with them and know safety comes first.

I wish all a happy 4th of July holiday and I hope it will be a safe few days for you and your 4 legged family members.

Cleopatra Beers

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Dec 24, 2011
We’ve been subjected to loud fireworks at least 3 hours a night for the last week. These cats sleep through all the noise. But my long-hair Kermit cat hated fireworks and hid in the hallway for the 2 weeks or so that our neighbors fired them off each year.