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5 Year Old Female - Gray and Blue


Dec 26, 2012
I am looking to find a loving forever home for my sphynx baby girl Wednesday. I got her and her brother when they were 12 weeks old and intended on being able to love them both forever. It was just me and my two sphynx kitties and they had all of my love and attention. Life changed pretty drastically and I had a baby and became a single mommy and it got much harder to juggle everything. My daughter loves her kitties however Wednesday is not too happy with having a human sister. Wednesday and her sphynx brother Pugsley have been fighting pretty seriously lately. I do not feel like I can fully trust Wednesday around my daughter since she has been a bit temperamental around her on a few occasions. I want to make sure Wednesday finds a home without kids where she can be the princess of the castle! Wednesday is pretty skittish around her sphynx brother but not sure how she would do with other animals. We currently live in Denver, CO however we are relocating at the end of the month. It breaks my heart to have to do this but I want Wednesday to be happy and I think she would be much happier if she didn't have to run away from a screaming toddler. I want to make sure Wednesday is taken care of and I am sick to my stomach about having to re-home but I think it's what is best. I just want someone to give her the attention she deserves and to love her like she deserves. I'm asking for a $250 re-homing fee in order to ensure she goes to a good home that can take care of her. The re-homing fee will include (if wanted) a very large cat tree, half of the dry and wet food, toys, and her blanket. If you are considering my baby girl, please make sure you can give her the love and attention she deserves. I just want her to be happy. Wednesday.jpgWednesday 2.jpg

Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
@tattedupmimi , sending you a big hug for all of life's changes and your heartfelt decision to do right by Wednesday for her happiness... truly unconditional love to do right by her... several of us have adopted from members and all paws crossed for the perfect forever home... please keep us updated

tagging @Hellnation who earlier this year was looking to adopt in Denver..