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800petmeds 50 percent off Hills food and other savings

Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
passing along the savings . * hills science diet 50 percent off code HILLS50. I just saved $41 on one bag of hills food, and still free shipping.
Sharing as I know there are some other Hills feeders out there. (you must check autoship at checkout* I reminded myself to cancel autoship easy online and recheck for future deals)

There is a tab on 1800petmeds for "todays deals ". * I check regularly and often get better deals than chewy , etc .along with same free shipping.
exceptional customer service, been a customer for over a decade.
Woof50, Yum30 code ,etc on site.
every bit of savings helps with the cost of foods and meds always going up. I get pups flea preventative, HW preventative etc there too.
hugs n head smooches, have a purrfect weekend
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